Thank you, Mr. Chevy Truck Driver!

24 Apr

I read that having good manners is making a serious come-back.

Leaving the gym this morning, I watched a guy pack his gear into the honking-big black Chevy truck parked next to my Ford Escape (which looked like a VW beetle by comparison).  He got into his truck and I put my gear in my car.  Then I got into my car.

You can see that, clearly, I’m about a minute behind his progress.  I waited for him to back out before I did, but he didn’t turn on his engine.

I looked over at him and he motioned for me to go first. I smiled and waved that he should go first — after all, he did get there first, and I have no problem with waiting my turn — but he shook his head and waved me on. I waved thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Chevy truck driver. You gave my day a nice start.


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