Half-price – Update at bottom

10 Dec

I got a Groupon the other day for half-price sky diving lessons.

Yes, sky diving.  I kid you not.

Personally, I’m not  inclined to throw myself out of a fully-functioning airplane at 5,000 feet with only a tablecloth to break my fall.  But if I were, I’d want some reassurance  that I will not become a Rorschach test on asphalt.

The idea of half-price lessons — with the implied half-price instructor that goes with it — doesn’t exactly engender the kind of confidence I need when my life is on the line.

There is a lesson in here.  It could be something about not living a half-price life or a caution against having half-price confidence in yourself, or cheating yourself by using a half-price glass instead of the one you want.

But I’ve been living on half-price sleep lately, so I’ m going back to bed.

Do me a favor.  When you figure it out, tell me what is, okay?


PS: This just in…

Not to be outdone by their 50%-off sky diving brethren, I got a Groupon today for 51%-off trapeze lessons…

Do I hear 52?  Going once…


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