18 Nov

As kids, we loved to visit the grandparents.  They always had such cool stuff, like the Magic 8 Ball that provided such sage advice as “Ask again later” or “Don’t count on it.”  Or the dippy bird on the windowsill which turned out to be a scientific display of a heat engine.  (Who knew?)

The all-time favorite that only came out on special occasions was the dribble glass.

A dribble glass looks pretty ordinary.  Visually, the only difference is that it has a decorative texture rather than a solid surface.  That texture hid the holes in the glass which made it impossible to drink from without having something dribble down your chin.

It was a great joke, and we all loved it, but think about it for a moment.

That glass would never be full.  It was impossible.  No matter how much you tried to fill it to the top, something would dribble out.  Even constant attention, relentlessly filling just a little more each time it dripped, would not fill that glass.  You just couldn’t do it.

Now take a look at your glass.  Are you constantly adding to it, and, no matter what you do, it’s still not full?

Are you dribbling away your energy, trying to fill a glass than can’t be filled?

Is it time to use a different glass?




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