15 Nov

There is an astonishing variety of glasses to choose from in all different sizes and shapes, and yet, most people don’t take the time to choose the right glass.  They use whatever glass they find, inherit, or have been given, and try to make it fit.

In other words, they are passive.  Getting that glass just “happens,” and they rarely consider that it may not be the right one.

Let me give you an example.

A friend of mine owns two homes, each with a yard.  Each yard requires regular weekly and monthly attention in addition to the  seasonal sprucing up.  Proper maintenance is a personal investment of time, energy, and money.

And he hates yard work.

So why did he choose to take on all that responsibility for a project in which he has absolutely no interest or desire?

He didn’t.  His parents did.

His parents can – and do! – spend hours poring over seed and nursery catalogs.  They map out potential landscaping plans, tweaking until they are finally satisfied.  They are happy and content to devote full weekends to the sweat and toil required to design and built  their back yard garden oasis, complete with a Victorian gazing ball and benches for contemplation.

While he appreciates the final product, my friend has absolutely no interest in the process.  After decades of losing miserably to a plot of grass, he is now considering that maybe he’s using the wrong glass.  His parents are personally satisfied and content working in the yard, but he is not.

Is that wrong?  No!

What is wrong?  Continuing to try to find satisfaction and contentment when the likelihood of filling that glass is pretty slim – that’s wrong.

He needs a different glass, something that suits both his backyard needs and his personal interests.

He needs to find his own glass.

Don’t be passive with your personal satisfaction and contentment.

Choose your glass.




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