Form and function

6 Nov

Before we can talk about the right glass, we need to define what we mean by a “glass.”

  • Glass: a transparent or translucent vessel intended to contain beverages or liquid foods for drinking or consumption.

This definition contains two critical pieces of information: form and function. You can’t have the right glass unless you understand how you’re going to use it.

  • Fact one: We need liquid to survive.

Two thirds of the human body by weight is composed of water. The human brain is 70% water. The lungs are nearly 90%. Even bone is 22% water. If you lose just 2.5% of your body weight from water loss, you will lose 25% of your efficiency.

  • Fact two: We need to be able to contain that liquid.

This is where we tend to get into trouble.

Why? Because we’re greedy. It’s hard-coded into our DNA. Collect what you need to survive, as much as you can, because you don’t know when you’re going to find it again.

What was critical for the caveman is rarely valid in industrialized countries. Still, our limbic brain controls us. Our food-finding and self-preservation system wants more, more, more until our houses are over-stuffed, our bodies are super-saturated, and our brains are on stimulation overload.

If all you need is eight ounces, why are you putting it in a sixteen-ounce glass? Compared with your real needs, the larger glass is an energy hog. It takes up more space in your cupboard, more soap and water to clean, and even requires more energy to lift that over-sized glass.

You want a glass that fits your real needs.

Who wants the extra work of maintaining something you don’t really need?





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