It started with a joke….

3 Nov

A politician, an accountant, and an engineer sit down at a bar. The bartender slides a pint glass with eight ounces of beer in front of them and says, “You look like pretty smart guys, so tell me. Is that glass half empty or half full?”

The politician says, “That’s easy! It’s half full! I know things have been tough lately, but we’ve got a lot of new programs that are going to turn this country around and there are good times ahead.”

The accountant says, “Are you crazy? My clients are losing their shirts in investments. Some are even filing for bankruptcy, and when they do, that’s money out of my pocket because I’ve lost a client. That glass is definitely half empty.”

They all look at the engineer to break the tie….

“You’re using the wrong glass.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We all get asked this question. Are you an optimist who sees the glass half full, or are you a pessimist who sees the glass half empty? The optimist is praised for having an inspiring attitiude and the pessimist is criticised as a doomsayer.

But they’re both wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether you see that glass as half empty or half full. You’re still seeing only half. Worse, you’re paying attention to what’s missing instead of appreciating what’s there.

We human beings like to see things as whole and complete. There is a contentment in knowing that nothing is missing, things are as they should be, and life is full. When something is perceived as missing, we can get anxious about how to fill that, how to make things whole.

There’s eight ounces of liquid in that sixteen ounce glass. If the goal is the have a full glass, the answer is pretty simple: use the right glass.

Are you using the right glass?


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